Famed as the only city scattered on two continents, Istanbul offers a wealth of history and culture that befits its geographical location .
As a city that was the capital of four ancient empires (Roman, Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman) history comes out around every corner.

The city has been built on both sides of the glittering Bosphorus , which separates the European side and the Asian side .

Resim1The must-see attractions of Turkey’s biggest city include Topkapi Palace , Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. The focal point for most tourists is the Sultanahmet area , which boasts all manner of historic buildings , restaurants , cafes and the famous Grand Bazaar . Also,get a sense of how epic Istanbul is by taking a boat trip along the Bosphorus .

Istanbul was announced by the European Union as the 2010 European Capital of Culture .

Istanbul is famous with it’s history,culture, food,shopping,nigth life and amazing views of two continents Europe & Asia .

Come and free your soul in Istanbul !